Did you know that leaks are the most common problem property-owners tend to encounter? This is largely because without the right knowledge and equipment on hand, leak detection can be extremely difficult.

Here at Drainscope, we boast decades of experience when it comes to detecting and repairing your leaks. Our plumbing team have the skills and tools to accurately source leaks without damaging your home or place of business, so you can go about your daily life, fuss-free.

Got a leak? We can fix that!

There’s nothing worse than a pesky leak causing high water bills and affecting your overall plumbing system. That’s why it’s paramount to get any leaks attended to quickly and efficiently by a team of experts.

Leaks can occur for any number of reasons, including: poor construction, corrosion and ground movement affecting your pipes and causing damage. If left undetected, the problems are likely to only magnify, therefore threatening your property and costing you significant amounts in repairs.

The Drainscope team promises to see to your plumbing problems as quickly as possible to prevent this from happening. We pledge to arrive at the scheduled time; to show our respect to your property; and to ensure the premises is left clean, neat and orderly once the job is done.

Water Supply Leaks

If you suspect that your water supply pipework has a leak, you can confirm this by doing a meter test.

Step 1. Turn off all taps in the house and refrain from using taps or toilets during the test period.

Step 2. Locate your water meter and check to see if the dials are turning.If they are turning then this is an early indication that you have a leak.

Step 3. Write down or photograph the reading on the meter.

Step 4. Check reading on the meter after 1 hour. If the reading is more than the first reading then you are losing water somewhere.

Pool Leaks

If you suspect that your pool has a leak, you can confirm this by doing a bucket test.


Step 1. Place a bucket full of pool water on one of the step’s located in the pool and weigh down with a brick.

Step 2. Mark the outside of the bucket where the swimming pool water level rests.

Step 3. Mark the inside of the bucket where the water level rests.

Step 4. Leave for 24 hrs or a shorter period of time and measure the two levels. Compare the two levels to identify if you have a leaking pool or if it’s just evaporation!

Note – If the pool or bucket is subject swimming, sprinklers or rainfall then the results may be unreliable.

If you find that the pool water level is dropping more than the bucket water level, this indicates a leak in the pool or pool pipework.

Drainscope conduct pressure testing to determine if the leak is on the pipework and if so we detect the leak using advanced leak detection equipment.

Minimal damage, maximum effect

We are committed to employing non-invasive methods when it comes to leak detection. By maintaining industry-best standards and investing in the most advanced and up-to-date technology on the market, we can easily scan and locate your plumbing problem without digging up and making a mess to your property. Our goal is to reduce as much as damage as possible by using equipment such as acoustic detectors, CCTV cameras and pressure testing systems to search for leaks in your water supply systems, making for a smooth, streamlined and pain-free process.

If you suspect a leak in your pipes, don’t leave it any longer – call the Drainscope team today. Based in the south-west suburbs, we conduct leak detection services in Busselton, Bunbury, Collie and beyond!