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When Drainscope are called to unblock a drain, the drain is cleared and cleaned completely with all debris removed from the drain with a combination of mechanical drain cleaning and high pressure water jetting. Drainscope vehicles are purpose built and equipped to deal with a blocked drain in the most efficient way. The nature of blockages in drainage pipes varies greatly. Roots, hair, grease, fat, silt and foreign objects all require specific methods of removal from the drain and Drainscope have the correct tools for the job.

Drainscope’s High Pressure Jetting.

The most effective method for clearing drains is high pressure jetting. Drainscope use a SEWERJETT® RaiderV2-4. This machine is a 31hp machine that discharges 31Lpm at 4300psi.The high pressure water cuts through roots, grease, hair, fat & silt to leave waste pipes and drains totally clear. Click on the link to see High Pressure Jetting in action. High Pressure Drain Jetting

CCTV Drain Camera

In pipe video camera inspections and reports In order to fully determine the state of a drainage system, a high resolution colour drainage camera can be inserted and the internal surface of the pipe can be closely inspected. This allows the operator to determine causes of blockages and identify faults throughout the system. When used with the locating device, the position of the drain can also be marked. The drainage camera can record still photos and videos for reporting purposes.

Pipe Relining Repairs and restoration of drainage pipework can be performed without having to dig the old drain up.

Drainscope use Nuflow Technologies® Blueline system to conduct this work when requested. Designed to repair pipes under surfaces you don’t want to destroy, Blueline solves most problems with sewerage or stormwater systems. The most versatile lining in the world, Blueline structurally repairs any type of blocked, damaged or leaking pipe in diameters from 40 to 1000mm with minimal disruption to your home or business.Click here for more information about our relining process.

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Here’s a blocked drain, before and after we repaired it.

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