About Drainscope

Drain Clearing and Pipe Relining Specialists

Drainscope is a family owned and operated business that specialises in providing effective solutions for problematic sewer and stormwater drainage systems. We utilise advanced and specialised methods and equipment to detect leaks, locate, unblock, repair and reline drainage pipes. The range of services we offer are listed below-

Services offered by Drainscope include:

Unblocking sewer, waste & stormwater drains with the use of mechanical drain clearing equipment and high pressure jetting.

In pipe video camera inspections and reports.

No-dig Pipe Relining

Leach Drain repairs and installation

Leak Detection

The business has acquired a license from Nuflow Technologies. www.nuflowtech.com.au

Nuflow are Australia’s leading pipe repair and relining specialists. Utilising Blueline products, we are able to repair leaking sewerage pipes and leaking stormwater pipes without having to excavate any surfaces resulting in minimal disruption.

This work requires specialised training which is conducted annually on the Gold Coast of Australia at the Nuflow workshop.

The Owner Operator of Drainscope is Neil Obrien. Neil is a fully Licensed Plumber with over 30 years of experience both in the trade and at a paraprofessional level. Neil’s experience includes many years of operating as a plumbing/drainage sub contractor, plumbing & drainage design, drafting & consultation and over 10 years of plumbing lecturing.

The majority of our clients are domestic however, we will also provide service for commercial customers that may include network utilities, shopping centres, local councils, restaurants, hotels, teaching institutions and health care campuses. Another group of clients are plumbers who would like to offer their clients the benefits of using our specialised service, equipment and expertise.

Although trading will be concentrated on the South West area of Western Australia, Drainscope will travel anywhere throughout the state if required.

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